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VEC Footpedal Problems with OS X Leopard

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Hi there,


I have been using a USB VEC footpedal for some years in Windows and it seems to work fine. I have recently tried to use it with Express Scribe on the mac and it shows up in the System Profiler but does not appear to work.


I click the control Wizard to register the footpedal but it doesn't recognise when I tap the footpedal???


This footpedal is curently being advertised to work with Mac OS X - http://altoedge.com/pedals/index_hw.html?g...CFQ2ZQwodRxHa6g


And the footpedal is being advertised on the NCH web-site http://www.nch.com.au/hardware/pedals.html


If anyone knows of any particular reasons why this footpedal would not be working - I would be grateful for some advice...


The pedal shows up in my profiler as...


VEC USB Footpedal:


Product ID: 0x00ff

Vendor ID: 0x05f3

Version: 1.00

Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: VEC

Location ID: 0x1d200000

Current Available (mA): 500

Current Required (mA): 100


Thanks in advance...



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Guest nchaj


are you using the latest Scribe? are you ppc or intel? I was sure this issue had been fixed so happy to work with you to get it going.

Please PM me the info

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