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I installed uplink skype to sip but i didnt manage yet to get it work.

I tried it with AXON and either with 3CX. when someone calls me, i want the call to be routed on the phone, connected on a fritzbox. The fritzbox is in my LAN, and the extension is registered in the PBX (AXON or 3CX). The internal calls between any extensions are working just fine.

SO far i have configured uplink with AXON (or either 3CX) and make the proper settings, so that the call is forwarded on the phone linked to fritzbox.

when a skype user calls me, the phone rings, i answer, i can hear the other user but he cannot hear me.

The same problem (one way sound) occured also when the call is forwarded on any other PBX's extension.


What is my mistake?

IS there any chance that is a firewall problem? Maybe do i have to open some ports?


thanks in advance

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