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RELEASE: Express Dictate v 5.09 for Windows

Damian Lettie

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Changes in Express Dictate v 5.09 for Windows:

  • Fixed: No longer crash when generating a dictation report when the previous report file is open in another application.
  • Fixed: "Mirror all sent dictations to this folder" option wasn't working for Express Delegate recipients.
  • Fixed: Sample rate used for new recordings is no longer affected by changes made to audio codec settings in recipient properties.
  • Fixed: Less degradation of audio quality when sending to an Express Delegate server. (Requires Express Delegate v4.02 or later for best results.)
  • Fixed: Better validation of numerical inputs in "Restrict number of characters" of data validation dialog.
  • Fixed: Notes were not cleared when a dictation was sent.
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues when running on Windows 98.
  • Changed: No longer attempt to load or play files with more than two audio channels.
  • Changed: Audio codec options UI is now disabled for recipients using Express Delegate send method.

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