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No outbound messages.


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I have set the program up with a Zoom 2985C modem, vista compatible, voice and data/fax modem.


Every time i call, it picks up. I see the program saying that it "plays" the wav files set by me, yet i cannot hear anything on the phone i'm calling from.


However, when i do the "call transfer", i hear it dialing no problem.


So i can hear the program dial the "call transfer number", as in the beeps as you would press the keys on your phone, but messages i do not hear.


Any idea why this is? I tried going to the audio tab and selecting modem playback, speakers... every combination possible... nothing.

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I finally made the modem work with some OTHER software, just a basic mailbox, but i want to use IVM to do this, not other software.


The software i was using was Communicate! Lite. I was told by ZOOM customer support that i need to add some AT initialization commands:


(at&d0s0=2&w). I did, however, when i use IVM, nothing happends. When i use the other software, i can see the AA light on the modem turning on (auto answer light).


So my final question is, how can i enter these commands for IVM to use?



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