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Exporting from Express Accounts


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For Invoices.

Select the "Reports" tab (from Accounts, Home, Sales, Purchases, Banking, Reports, Suite).

Select the Orange "Invoices Report" Box.

View the report.

There are two options at the top of the Invoices Report - (Report and Help)

Select Report then use the Save as CSV drop down.


I am using a v4.92 demo but maybe this will work on earlier versions as well - good luck.

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To export an item list from Express Accounts:
-From the main window go to View > Items... > Print to > Select a column to sort by and ascending or descending order > View.
-After the report generates (allow some time if you have a lot of items) use the Save button to export in PDF or CSV format or go to the menu "Report" for more options.

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