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It is clear to me that support is NOT an important issue for this company. We purchased the whole suite of Telephony VOIP products because there were certain features, such as the call recording that made it attractive at its price point. With that said I have found that we are reconsidering our purchase.... There is NOBODY to talk to at this company... they use the excuse that they would be overwhelmed by phone calls because of the free products they offer...... Bull!!!! There are smart ways to handle this and I dont mind paying for support and service for a good product. When I did purchase PLATINUM support I NEVER was able to get through to someone even after leaving multiple messages. The attitude at NCH to hide behind web pages does not serve my needs so everyone loses.... NCH loses because I would have been a long time customer and purchase upgrades, which is why I was trying to get some questions answered in the first place, and we lose because now I am VERY UNHAPPY :angry: and we have to invest in new VOIP software and spend time seting that up. I am only taking the time to post this because NCH NEEDS TO KNOW that in the business world their business model does not work... My time is too valuable to dig through forums and the online help is very mediocre.... so finding solutions and implementation examples is hit or miss at best.... Also, after using Axon, , IVM, Express Talk, Qorum, VRS and even IPUplink, etc... for 9 months now, we have found a Call Que is a huge lacking feature and the solutions to work around that make no replacement for a real one! Other features missing in Axon are realtime status indicators for extensions and lines, etc.... Setup of a decent call routing routine for each extension is very cumbersom as we actually had to setup multiple Auto Attendants in IVM just to be able to offer options to a caller when their party did not answer... anyways, that is a bit off topic but I may as well vent while I am wasting my time writing this....


Ok Voip solution builders... Lookout, here comes a new purchase and business for someone other than NCH.

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