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Axon, Carousel and Draytek 2820 setup for idiots


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Help, help, help

Understand the principles of IPT, but not the technicalities. I need a step by step help in setting up my Axon/Carousel configs.

I have three environments in my house. 1 x normal house stuff, my business and we have some students.


I have created a vLAN to keep the students off our LAN, but now wish to set up IPT - wife is not convinced, so this must work!


We both have a laptop and PC (4 in total), and we have a spare PC we affectionately call a "Server" where we store our files. We also have 2 analogue telephone lines (pots), one for "home" and one for "the business".


I am installing the IPT a stage at a time.


Stage 1

I have set up Axon to work in the house extension to extension using Axon and Express Talk soft phones. Axon on the Server ( Server:81) and Express Talk on each laptop/PC... This works well in hunt groups and with the voice mail.


Stage 2

My ISP is BeThereNow and I have signed up with VoIPTalk as our SIP Gateway (out bound only).


I also bought a new router - DrayTek Vigor 2820vn and now wish to connect to the big outside world to receive calls from the 2 x POTS (analogue exchange lines) and make calls via these as well as the VoIPTalk gateway. I want to be able to choose. I have set these up in the table in Axon; Dial 8 to call out on VoIPTalk and 9 from extension group A to work POT and 9 from extension group B to Home POT... looks fine.


I have installed Carousel (on the server) as a soft FXO (not sure why it is needed, but the Axon says it is).


Now I am stuck as nothing seems to make sense. I know I need to get myself another FXO as the DrayTek only takes one exchange line, but other than that I am completely lost. The Axon seems to have errors connecting to the Carousel and nothing else seems to talk to one another...


The Server runs Vista Home 32bit, the other PCs and Laptops are a mix of XP Home and Vista 64bit


Can anyone help me?


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