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Free Version of Sountap


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I just downloaded the free version of soundtap and the other bundled software and after much hairpulling, finally worked out which program to use to record audio from a DVD - Soundtap. But after listening to my audio playback it was interupted by "buy (or purchase) Soundtap". Is this normal. is there a way to turn it off, or as I suspect just a trial version to show what it can do, but have to purchase product to have no interuptions. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.





Sound Tap seems very easy to use, but I would like to know when breaks in a streaming audio might become an issue -


If I'm recording a stream that might have a few moments of silence--dramatic pauses--and I'd like to record continuously through those breaks would I be better off selecting "Ignore breaks in audio streams"? And if so what should I set for "Ignore breaks shorter than (milliseconds)"? Thanks very much.

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