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I don't understand how to down load all the tracts or some of the tract at the same time. I seem to have to load them 1 at a time. There must be a faster way? I appreciate any help I'm not real computer literate. :rolleyes:


Can you help me please. I have data (from interviews for research) that are on CD. Originally they were on Express Scribe and was using them but saved them to a CD for security reasons and in case something happened to my laptop. I am trying to now work out HOW to get the files from the CD (in wav form I think - or whatever the form is that EXpress Scribe saves data to) back onto the Express Scribe - reason is I am asking / paying someone to transcribe my interview data and therefore need her to have the Express Scribe programme which she can down load - but need to give her my CD of interview data so she can "copy" it to her Express Scribe. CAN YOU HELP?????



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