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external ip PORT changing all the time


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Hello everyone,



I have an axon server running within a local network. All local phones work as expected, however I have two phones outside my network connected to the external IP address and port listed by Axon in its log window. The IP address is the same every time, but as soon as I restart the server, or sometimes even without restarting, Axon changes the port - the external IP address remains the same. It looks like the range of ports used is from 50001 to 54039 something... Of course my external phones lose their connection when this happens, sometimes even through the middle of the day.


I have tried to setup a static IP in the axon preferences but then I am unable to reach axon from the external phones - maybe this is the solution but again, it doesn´t do the trick for me.


Also, I use the linksys SPA941 and have been unable to setup MOH... have been checking the forums for some time now with no luck.


I will appreciate your help.



Thanks a lot


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