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Compatible WAV File for Cutting ATRAC3 CD

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I am a novice trying to make an ATRAC3 CD with SonicStage 3.1


I have some mp3 files and I converted them to WAV format which I understood is needed for SonicStage to cut a CD.


But SonicStage rejects this file format as not supported. The file type is WAV(PCM).


My question is are there different types of WAV file formats and do I need to make a different typle of WAV. Everything I have read says WAV is what SonicStage needs.


Sorry if this is off topic here, but I am stumped and don't want to give up just yet on making an ATRAC3 CD.

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yes there are different types of wav files, in your example of Wave(PCM), think of wave as being the container and PCM being what is inside the container. PCM wave, however, is the most common format on the planet, it is supported natively by Windows. If SonicStage rejects it that is very weird. Maybe try using Switch to convert it from PCM wav to PCM wav, and see if it works.



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