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i would like this answered also .... when i open up the inventory report and go to save it it only offers me a PDF and no other options, certainly not a csv. I have the latest version having only purchased it a week ago.


before i tried anything i googled and found this >>> http://www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/kb/1536.html

did as it suggested but hit a blank as i said - PDF only not csv.


now what ??????

any ideas /suggestions? NCH support ????

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Guest N C H_TM

fynearts, as noted elsewhere, while these forums are frequented by staff, there is no formal technical support here unless a staff member sees an issue, knows the answer, and decides to post. To receive support with any product issues please visit http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html and the product experts there will be able to help you.

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