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Help For A Fireman!!!


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I'm a fireman studying for the Lt's exam. I bought RecordPad so I can record my notes from the 20 different manuals I have to study and listen to them while I read them. So I'm recording notes that are 83 pages, I'm an hour into the recording and my computer locks up. I have to reboot. The recording is titled untitled 7. It is saved in my recordings, but I am unable to continue where I left off. Is it possible to continue where I left off or do I have to start a whole new recording?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Guest MichaelJee



Sure, you could continue the recording, and then use the free version of WavePad to join them all together.


I would personally though, make each chapter or so (maybe every 10mins) a new recording (or use WP to chop them up) This would allow you to either,


1 – Have a folder on your portable music player with small concise chapters


or/ and


2- Place these multiple recordings into a burning application set to “Audio-CD"


Both allow you to quick flick through each book by pressing the “next track” button, on mp3 player / CD player respectively.




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You can also try the following:



Since RecordPad will allow you to record for a maximum amount of hours for one file, you can tell RecordPad to automatically start a new file by going into Settings - Record tab - enabling Limit Maximum Recording Time, setting Maximum Time to 7200 and then selecting Create New Recording and continue.


This may also help you with the issue you are having in Recordpad.

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