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Printing Reports

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The following reports can be printed only


* Balance Sheet

* Chart of Accounts

* Profit and Loss Statement

* Account Enquiry


This are all reports that can be printed based on accounts setup to determine out of balance or account errors.



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For the question:


Has anyone out there been able to save it in a file so that it may be copied to a CD or printed?


Go into to "Tools"

Select Back-up data you have the a option to back-up the information on CD or DVD format



Hope this Helps



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I'm running ExpressAccount version 1.05 on an iMac. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I can not seem to have the logo displayed on ANY reports although the feature to add the logo is there in the Company Preferences (link to JPG file). Does anyone else seem to have a problem with NO logos anywhere although it's configured properly? How do i get my logo on the reports?




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It is nice to see all the journal entries on the screen but, does anyone can tell me how to print it? It is extremely hard to verify all the accounts without being able to see hte entire journal.


To print the Journal;-


Open the Journal, when displayed on screen push the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard once.


Open Microsoft Excel or WordPad or Open Writer, click Edit then click Paste.


You should now see the Journal in all it's glory, Now you can print it.




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