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Accents make troubles

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Hi all,


I've noticed a problem with Axon. It seams that it doesn't like accents very much :

I've tried to setup an external line with an accent in the name ("é"), it replaced it after submitting by "é".


No way to edit that external line any more, no way to delete it, each time I try it create a new external line with more esoterical characters !


What can I do ? Is there a mean to fix that, maybe by editing the database directly ?


Thanks !


...and excuse my poor frenchie's english :)

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I'm guessing Axon does not support the full character set with accents, and I don't see any way around this. Even if you were able to edit it directly, it may cause Axon to behave unexpectedly and/or crash.


If I were you, I would simply make the names in CAPITAL letters. Generally it is more excusable to omit accents when you use CAPITALS. It's not a perfect solution, but I think it is a workable alternative.

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