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Disablity and email

Guest Jon

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My 82-year old father has a Mac G4 Powerbook and I am wondering if folks thought Express Dictate might help him. He would like to be able to respond to emails by recording messages instead of typing them. He has a physical disability that makes it very difficult for him to type. My Mom did all the emailing for him, but she recently passed away.


If he could record short messages and easily save it to a file small enough to attach to an email, I think it could work. Files would have to be formatted to be easily used by end users without too much hassle as they are all about the same age. My Dad also has just a dial-up connection...


Any thoughts would be appreciated.





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:( I am also severely disabled and the abillity to email medical research specialists could mean the difference between life and death for me so this post is very, very vital to me.


I can no longer write or type well and have just discovered this company. I haven't started yet,but am so excited about the possiblities. I have several rare diseases and unfortunately I am my only advocate.

Doctor's don't even pretend to try and help if I seem more trouble then i'm worth.


These programs could enable me to search for answers over a vast resource area.

Is tere anyone who could define better how this program can make my task easier?


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