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I've just started using 12 keys. It's not at all

what I thought it would be. Surely, I'm not

unusual in reacting this way. Regardless,

all it does for me is show a string of lines

or dots when I run a recording through it.

What can I possible do with this, and

what are the piano keys for?

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I've just downloaded it on trial. One way to think about the display is to imagine it as a piano roll. Ideally the lines and dots would correspond to moments when a particular pitch is sounding. It doesn't tell you what instrument or instruments sounded the pitch and interpreting the display is made more complicated because the spectral filtering gets 'fooled' by harmonics.


I thought it might be useful to help me get better at analyzing and transcribing jazz solos, but I think the product is not quite ready for prime time. At a minimum, it needs some mechanism for the user to tap a key to generate barlines across display. That should be fairly straightforward to implement and I've sent that to the developers as a suggestion for improvement.


For me, the most serious limitation is that it runs very poorly under VMWare Fusion on my Intel MacBook. There are serious display and playback problems that render it nearly useless in that environment. I don't plan to buy a Windows machine just to run this program, so I'm hoping for a Mac port.

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