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can Rip run in the background?

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Hi all,


I have been using 1.52 plus for some time and during that time I was delegated by it to do quick and simple tasks on my PC while it was running because every time another track started to be ripped, I would be interrupted every 30secs to a minute or so by the Rip window popping up to the front of the screen. If I happened to hit the enter key or space bar just at the wrong time, the ripping process would cancel. I would then have to go to the ripped folder, find out where it had stopped, delete the incomplete file, uncheck the already ripped tracks and start again.


I installed 1.55 as per the instructions and when I ran it for the first time, I let out a huge sigh of relief. YES, they have fixed it so it runs in the background. I could start to rip a CD, work with my PC as normal and just wait for the CD to be ejected. I ripped about 20 or so CDs with ease this way.


I had to reboot my PC for reasons that are irrelevant here and I started Rip 1.55 again, started to rip a CD and continue working. OH NO!!! the program is back to it's old habits of popping up at every new track rip


I can still find no option in the program to make it run in the background but it did before for a while


My question is... how can I make it so?


I found a freeware utility on the web to hide any window but that doesn't work because even though the main window stays hidden, the progress bar of the new track being ripped pops up to the front of the screen




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