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Answering Attendant Command Line Switches

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Guest nosuchuser

I'm glad to see that you started a forum. I think you guys are awesome and I've been watching your software for years. I haven't baught anything yet, :lol: but then, that's just because I'm tring to understand telephone voice response systems and TAPI stuff because it's really interesting to me, believe it or not.


Anyway, since I started my internet business years ago, I've always wanted to develop an application that uses both phone and online access points, without spending a fortune to do it. I'm only interested in programming the online part, so I've been testing every IVR system on the market, and I do mean EVERY. I've even tested some French applications, even though I couldn't understand any of the buttons or read the manual. What I'm getting at is that after testing all of these, I keep coming back to you guys because your demo apps worked on all PCs, were easy to install, and were very easy for a bonehead like me to understand.


At least I post glowing reviews of your stuff whenever there's a "rate this software" form on the various download sites.


Stay with me, I really do have a purpose for posting this messege... I wanted to suggest that perhaps you add a "Disconnect" button to the IVM UI because the only reason I've never actually started using it is because I rigged it so that when someone presses 1,2,etc., it plays a recording of a phone ringing so they think they are being transferred. At the same time as the user hears what they think is the "system" transfering the call to the sales office or whatever, I also use the "Call Announce" feature to play a recording that tells me weather they pressed 1 for Accounting or 2 for Sales, etc. ... Then, if I don't want to answer the phone, I don't have to, because I set it go to the "Leave a Message" OGM upon timetimeout. The problem is that if I decide to answer the phone, I have to press # or something to stop the OGM and disconnect the modem.


Only two other bits of feedback. For the love of God, I just want to reach into the PC and rip something out of it every time I try to close the software and have to click "NO" rather than "YES" to the confirmation message that pops up. :angry:


Lastly, I've listened to thousands of hours of voice prompts that say every single word in the english language. I wouldn't have had to if any of the ones that came with any of the software I've tested were actually decent... not good... not great... just decent... but no one thinks of that. I think you'd boost your sales remarkably if you spent the $300 or so bucks to have someone record outstanding prompts in excellent english. You don't know how good it makes your application look. I've gotten to when I can tell how much time was put in into the development of the software based on the quality of the phone prompts alone... it works every time. (Your's are probably the BEST, around... so don't think I'm rag'n on ya!)


Well, that's it (finally)... You guys are awesome, keep up the good work, I promise to buy something from you, especially now that you've added so much cool stuff to play with!

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