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Adding A Playlist to Broadwave


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I am Justin M Romaine the owner of Skratch King Productions working with Skratch King Radio and we are trying to start out with an online radio but we dont have our server yet to loop music from the speaker out put to the microphone now I am using my laptop and just put a long file in the test part of the broadwave to work for now but I would like to know how do you add a playlist Ive check the tech suport etc and still nuthing IM running from my laptop untill I finish the server but if you could help that would be great thanks Justin M Romaine

if all goes well we will be a big buyer of this programe thanks


You can E-mail me at Itadmin@Skratchkingproductions.org

or Justin.Romaine@SkratchKingProductions.org

or Vist the webpage at http://www.skratchkingradio.org

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