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IVM and Voip! wanting to buy license


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hey all,


ive just installed ivm but im trying to connect Voipgate.com to it


will it work?


register.voipgate.com i put in the settings


what ports? do i need to do something


im wanting badly to buy license but i need little help to try out

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You should be able to connect it. You will need to authenticate with a username and password however. The port is usually 5060, and you also need UDP 8000-16000 open to carry the voice data properly.


You can try IVM for two weeks before needing a license, so if you haven't actually tried it out to see if it works, I suggest you do so.

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ive send u pm!


with callbutler its working but when i try this, it don't. can someone help me? by messenger?


i dont no what to install also is Ivm auto attendant only working with the PBX software that comes with IVM?

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Hello, I am using SIPGATE and IVM via VoIP 4.20. I have the two linked but when i call to test I hear nothing.


I am sure its a port issue, and I have a router with port forwarding set up up:


5070 SIP

5100 - 8699 RTP


and set in the IVM program, but still no sound?



Please can someone give me a shout. The route which logs everything sees port 51234, not sure why as that use to be a Teamspeak query port.


Any ideas ??

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