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Adjusting Volume

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Hi All..Just a simple question. I have a wave file that was recorded but when recorded the record volume was set to high. I need to turn down the Volume so when I listen to it, it isn't so loud. I am using this wave file for an answering machine and when the machine answers the volume is so loud and they can't understand what is being said and they can't turn the volume down on their phone..When I edit this wave file how do I reduce the output volume? Thanks..Keithmj

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The neat thing about WavePad is the hot features on the left hand side...highlight the part or all of the recording and then on the right hand side there is a feature called 'amplify louder or softer". Experiment to find the right sound for you...you can also remove any of the static noise that an answering machine could make by clicking on the next feature down called "Remove noise or hiss"...you do this by highlighting the area, and then clicking the feature. A box will come up to ask how much...usually the higher in the negative "-36" will take away the hiss without disturbing the actual audio...the closer to '0' then you will take away the sound completely... so becareful, and make sure you have several saved copies...Name them differently while learning to experiment with WavePad...you will find WavePad is great for this particular application!



Good Luck! Hope this helps...



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