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RELEASE: MSRS v 4.06 for Windows

Damian Lettie

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Changes in MSRS v 4.06 for Windows:

  • Added: Ability to upload recordings directly to an Express Delegate server.
  • Added: Ability to record each recording device in either mono or stereo.
  • Added: Ability to send a test email from the Options dialog, to confirm that email settings have been configured correctly.
  • Added: The Recording, Backup and Log folder settings in the Options dialog are now validated.
  • Added: Playback speed inputs on the "Find and Play Recordings" dialog are now filtered and validated.
  • Fixed: Application would crash if MP3 was selected as the audio file format but downloading of the MP3 component failed.
  • Fixed: No longer have a lot of extra noise in the playback when the monitor is enabled.
  • Fixed: Some early log messages weren't appearing in the log window, or were appearing out of order.
  • Fixed: Monitor Play/Stop menu items' enabled/disabled states weren't being changed depending on current monitor state.
  • Fixed: "Unable to start the background service" error was appearing in the log on application startup.
  • Fixed: No longer adding extra white-space in the <notes> tag in the XML data.
  • Changed: Minimum supported operating system is now Windows 2000. (Was: Windows 98)
  • Changed: Recording device options now shows all available devices in one list.
  • Changed: Options dialog layout is now cleaner and more logical.
  • Changed: Notes and bookmark description text inputs are now disabled while not recording.
  • Changed: Main window size reduced to fit in 800x600 resolution.

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