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I am starting with a new computer and was recommended this program

I tried different brands of discs. No go.

The newly burned disc only plays for about 5 min.

It shows only 5mm of burning on the disc.

Please help if you can. Thanks

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Guest N.C.H a.n
Express DVD plus Video did not work and I had no response to my problem.

Bought 1Click for far less and it works like a charm.

Now why is THAT???????? May be it is a better program!!!!

Hi Jim,


Please send me a PM with your email address and I will look into this problem for you and progress it if you like.



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I've had the same problem - will not burn but does create the iso file.

Also, I've had problems with burning any kind of Video Disk.


On one of the forum questions, NCH folks suggested that I use different media (i.e. a different DVD). Well, that did not work either.


The bottom line is Express Burn apparently does not work well when burning Video DVDs. There are some huge problems. (I even got hooked up a new DVD/VCR combo out and it did not make a difference.)


All of the disks failed.


I downloaded Nero Trial and it worked the first time on BOTH a Video CD (played just fine in my newer DVD player); and, a DVD (that played in both DVD players.) Right now there is a special that makes Nero affordable and there is a free piece of software with it.


Some of the NCH programs work OK to well. Express Burn does not!

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