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Routing fax


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i have a spa3000 + IVM + axon.

incoming call from pstn is sent automatically to IVM then caller have to choose witch service he want.

but i want to know how to route a fax when a incoming call come ? i want to route it to the fxs port of the spa that have extension 101 on axon.

does ivm can autodetect when it's a fax ? if it's directly on the spa how to automatically route the call directly to the fxs and do not transfer to IVM ?


and is there a voip softfax that can be connected to axon PBX ?


thanks a lot

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Note that VoIP can never be very dependable for faxes, but you can give it a try anyway.


As far as I know, Axon doesn't support T.38 faxes (the VoIP version of a fax) yet, but you can still try to send a regular fax through using a good quality VoIP line and the G.711 codec.


IVM does have a built-in TAPI Fax Hand-off feature that lets IVM detect faxes and hand them over to another program to handle and decode. Unfortunately there are not very many programs that support TAPI Fax Hand-offs.

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