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Where did my entries go?

Barbara Elaine

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I have made about 2 dozen entries in payments and receipts without apparent problems.

However, they are not on the journal and do not appear anywhere, I definately did them.

Made lots of entries last night with no problem, but the latest entries seem to have gone off into the ether, can I get them back or will I have to redo them.

What haven't I done?



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I think your entries are still there, except that when you viewed your journal, the view date i.e. Jan 2, is for a new fiscal year, whereas your entries in December was for the previous fiscal year.


hope this helps.



I am having the same problem, however, in View Journal, I can't seem to change the Custom Period to see entries for transactions from last year.


I am using version 1.05 for Mac PPC.

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