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Uplink + Axon Call to Skype/PSTN

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Please help me...


I want to make a call from Express Talk to "Skype ID" and from "Skype ID" to Local Extension Call, but it doesn't work.


the schema is like this:


"OutSide Call(PSTN/Skype)" -> SIP / SkypeID -> IVM Direct to LocalExtension call Number (Axon).




Local Extension Number (Axon) -> Skype/PSTN -> "OutSide Call(Skype/PSTN)"


How do I configure My Axon and Uplink?? And Wat is Requier to make it.



best regards,



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OK one will work and one will not.


Calling out from express talk....

You will need to configure speed dial numbers in skype for each id (name) you want to dial.

Now when you dial the Skype line (6 is the default) then the speed dial number you setup and thats it.


Dial in:

This is an issue as so far as i know skype and the uplink does not transfer the dmft tones from skype to the uplink.

You can how ever have that line go directly to a operator and then transfer a call intenally or to a voive mail box.


Hope this helps

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hi dan..

thanks for yours reply..


the 2nd case is already done. (Local Extension Number (Axon) -> Skype/PSTN -> "OutSide Call(Skype/PSTN)")


for the 1st case. can i using the other SIP to make that's work (PSTN -> SIP(Global SIP Number) -> IVM Direct to LocalExtension call Number (Axon) -> Skype(Express Talk).) ?

if that possible, what kind of SIP can i use? and can i use 1(one) SIP to receive a multiple call? Or how can i make a multiple receive Calls and multiple Calls.

for example:


3 Incoming calls (PSTN) -> 1 SIP_ID -> 3 Local Extension Calls(Axon) -> 3Skype Calls (Or Express Talk).


best regards,



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