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Invoice and Inventory Collaboration


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I cannot see any way for the two applications to work together, though it seems crazy that NCH would not have them talk to each other. I wonder if this is a pay-for component? If so, this should at the very least be explained somewhere.


As I have downloaded them, I feel that both applications look professional but are only fine for playing with (not for actual business use).


I, for one, feel disappointed.

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At the moment Inventoria and Express Invoice are separate products. Inventoria started as a very basic inventory management application as Express Invoice started as a basic invoicing application. As both products increase in features it does become more obvious that they need to work together and we do plan to have them integrate in the future but at the moment it's not possible.


As you can see we have now added the Express Invoice functionality to Express Accounts so it's only natural that at some point Inventoria gets involved in there somewhere as well.

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