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Axon PBX

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I have an office where i want to setup a axon pbx but at the same time want to make calls to cellphone and fixlines

i didnt understand pluging in telephone or voip services.

Please explain to me how it works





Is it any step by step instruction to guide me set up from the Synway SHT-4B/USB to Carousel Virtual FXO gateway to Axon Virtual PBX to Express Talks?

It is an in-house network environment, no external internet connection. only 1 CO lines, six softphones (Express Talk) start from beginning. If this setting is work fine, the facility would increase up to 3 CO lines and 4 more SIP Voip phone sets in the future.

Please ASAP feel free to contact me at "manwong2008@gmail.com" with subjust heading as "NCH-PBX-Forum", if your instruction is work, you would get something as return.

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Hi, I have successfully make outbound call from X-Lite on my computer to Axon to Grandstream FXO Gateway to PSTN.


It is actually very simple.


1) create extension ID or using the default 101 - 110 and login to Axon with X-Lite or your IP-Phone

2) create external lines with a user id and password, then login to Axon with your FXO gateway. Once connected, you should see it say "registered" on your gateway.

3) create dailing plans and select the dail on line where your just created on step 2.

4) you should be able to make call to PSTN now.

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