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Selecting Two Clips


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This is a very simple question from a MixPad Newbie...


I want to crossfade two clips.


The Help Manual says I need to first select the two clips that I want to add my crossfade....


I can easily see how to select all the clips in a selected track...


But, for some reason, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to select just two clilps in a track so that I may then add a crossfade...


Can anyone just tell me how to do this simple command?.

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Well, it's not that simple...you really have to listen to the two parts and make sure you know that it has nothing left over in the sound...at the bottom you will see the + and - sign...to zoom in. I suggest zooming in to make sure you are at the point you want on both ends...highlight the section you want by clicking the mouse and holding....when you are at the point of what you want to crossfade... then push 'crossfade' you will see to sets of 4 squares...the idea is how much you want to cross fade... just think of when you watch a movie or and one scene hits another...does the sound meld to where one disappears and the other begins? This is what you want with your music. So I usually can do from '0' to '10' depending on the timing.


Hope this helps...



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