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Using skype uplink with axon and spa3102


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Using skype uplink with axon and spa3102.


From an ordinary phone handset if I wanted to call somebody with the user id “bill” would I dial 2455?




i would assume you have skype and uplink installed and working?


If so you would need to create a quick dial for the person Bill you are calling.

open skype and right click the person in your list and create the quick dial number.


now just dial the line setup for skype in axon and the quick dial number.


uplink-skype default would be 6 and the number (6plus the number)

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Hi back again


Setting up a quick dial number worked great but I’ve now update skype to Version 4.10.136 and the quick dial option is no longer there when you right click on a name.


Does anyone know how to do this on the new version



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