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2 microphones?

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Hi, I would like to record my novel as an audiobook. It is a full-on dorky fantasy novel with dragons, wizards and all other geekdom. It will be released in the Spring of 2009. Ok, enough my shamless self promotion.


I will have a male and female reader. During the dialogue part of it, how can I make sure the male's microphone will not pick up the female voice? (and vice versa) Are there microphones with a pause button. Would Wavepad be able to do that with an easy (and silent) touch of a key on my laptop? Thanks. :blink:


heck any other advice would be appreciated too.

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Guest MichaelJee



Cant see how your query is related to WP… but we’re here to help.


Many professional microphones do have an “off / on” or a mute.

How do you intend to connect both mic’s to the PC to record?




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I think your best bet is to buy a microphone mixer and plug that into your mic or line in. If you do a search for Rolls mic mixers, you will see all kinds of different small, portable mic mixers. Mix the two mics together and record the feed. If you want to get fancy, you can get a stereo mixer. Radio Shack has a $30 mixer that handles 4 mics or 2 mics and a stereo line input.


As for keeping one mic from bleeding over to another mic, you need to do what they do in a recording studio by using sound-absorbing material between the two narrators. You can use foam from an old futon mattress, or pillows, or thick curtains, etc.


Good luck.

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