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30 Second Limit with demo?

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Hello, forgive me for asking such a simple question, but I can't seem to find the answer. I've d/l the Prism Plus demo and have tried numerous DVD's. Long, shot and the video stops on all of them at .30 and then audio continues with a blank white screen. Is this simply a limit on the demo? If so it seems like a great program and I'll buy it if I'm sure the software will work for me. Any help would be appreciated.





Gerald Hetrick


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Thanks, that's what I was afraid of. I've read though everything and will go over it again. It stops excatly at :30 no matter what DVD I use. It also stop on my wife's computer at :30 which is on XP and mine on Vista. I tried copying to the harddrive, changing setting and so forth and then encode, still the same. I'll mess with it some more and let you know if I find a work around. Thanks for the quick response and your help I'm hoping I can get it working. The :30 seconds I was able to encode looked great and many differant setting. I'll go over the support links with a fine tooth comb, I'm probably missing something.

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