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bit rate analysis of wav file

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Hi! first post here so hopefully nto barking up the wrong tree (yep, I've read the stickies and done a search for this).


What I'm trying to do is this:


- I have a wav file, but i know it was burnt from an mp3 file, and I...

....want to find out what bit rate that mp3 file was.


So far I've tried throwing the wav files into iTunes, but it just converts them to 192. Looking at the size of the wav file doesn't seem to work either, since I've compared example files that I know came from wildly differing bit rate mp3s, but I don't see that kind of discrepancy (if any) in their size (i think i remember that a 192kbps file vs a 320kbps file will have more "empty" data added to it when being burnt to disc as wav. therefore the size will not be different but of course the quality still will).


Anyone know, is there any software out there that would do the trick?




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Hey there, sorry i don't have an answer to your question but i'd also love to know about that. Whats the most you can stretch out some wave viewers or other graphic? I'm just getting into this myself but maybe in a wave viewer that you could really stretch out you might be able to see how many bits lined up next to eachother have the same level and the work it out in relation to the detail of quantisation shown relative to how many quanta have the same level in a row in order to see whether it came from a smaller or larger mp3 file. Don't know if there are any wave graphics you can stretch out enough to see that kind of detail...? I'd be very interested to know what you find out. cheers!

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