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Wrong dialed number


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I'm using this PBX software but I got some problem to call.

I have two analog phones connected to axon virtual pbx trough Linksys PAP2 device, when I place a call indipendently from the phone, I ear the free tone, dial the number and instantly I ear the ring tone but the remote phone isn't ringing yet (and I don't understand why), second thing is that often the number dialed is wrong.

If I check the status monitor of axon in windows I see that in number that I dialed some number was missing, sometimes it lost one number, other it lost two!

If I hang and push the redial button, can be that it dial correctly the number or not, it's not a constant problem and I don't understand what to do.

In fact I thinked that the desk phone keyboard was not working well but I have the same problem with a cordless phone connected to the PAP2 second channel, so the phones are ok.

I tried to change DTMF mode to inband since I use g711u codec in pap2 but this is not usefull since refers to DTMF tones sent while the call is in progress but my call does not start at all!

What can I check?

Thank You

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