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background noise when recording


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I am getting background noise when recording which I have not gotten in earlier recordings (before I bought the software). It sounds like it may be the fan on my computer. I have the following settings for my Dell Inspiron 4300 laptop: Sound Record Device: Sigma Tel Audio; Audio Input Channel: Windows Record Mixer. I have an external microphone plugged in to the Mic port on of the sound card, on the Volume Control dialog, only the Internal Mic works the Line In and Microphone selections do not display a volume level in the Microphone Connection and Record Volume dialog box of Record Pad. I have the Microphone boost active for the Internal Mic and have tested a recording with the boost off. The background sound is still there but at a lower volumne along with a lower volume for the voice recorded. Any suggestions on settings or other to eliminate background noise.

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Guest MichaelJee



The aim, would be to record your voice in an environment with as little ambient sound as possible.


If you cannot find this type of environment, I would suggest looking at WavePad's spatial noise removal tool. It works very well in my experience, with constant background noise, like fans.

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