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Multi-channel; using foot pedal

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I transcribe court hearings. The digital files we get (Government, go figure!) come in 4's, representing 4 different microphones in the courtroom. The extensions are .a00, .a01, .a02 and .a03. I used MixPad to combine them all. "Saving As" has been a problem for me. I use Express Scribe to transcribe them, so there is a great variety of formats I can save as. Problem is that I need to be able to isolate each of the four channels when necessary, especially when two or more idiots in the courtroom are talking at one time, trying to talk over each other. If it comes through as one sound file and I can't isolate the channels, obviously I cannot make out what each person is saying, which is critical in court transcription. I've tried .wav and .mp3. Also once I choose the "Save As" file extension (i.e., .wav, .mp3) I have even more options to choose from. Right now I've decided until somebody can help me with this, I'm going to have to use MixPad, drop each of the four voice files and then use F9 to play and ESC to stop and then toggle mute and solo to isolate. This will be time consuming, but I don't know what else to do. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME-- my job depends on this! ~Donna

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