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How do I create a playable DVD

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I have downloaded a DVD using BitTorrent .... the files are a number of VOB, IFO & BUP files.


If I open the folder with Windows Media Player and click on any file the film plays OK.



However I would like to create a playable DVD for use on standalone DVD player.#


I opened Express Burn ... and selected Video DVD


When I dragged across the files .. I got a pop up warning window ... "This file appears to be for a pre-authored Vidoie DVD. Adding to a Video DVD will re-author the disk and lose all menus, and possible re-encode teh movie.

You can burn these as authored using a Data DVD with the ISO/Joliet Filesystem. To wish to re-author or burn as-is"


Assume last bit is a typo and it should be 'Do you wish "


I hit cancel and did as they suggest and used data DVD ... however the disc created will not 'auto play' and standalone players state 'unsupported'


As before files will play if opened from within WMP on a PC.


When I gragged files to Express burn ... as mentioned I slected 'cancel' the other option was 're-author' or 'burn as author'


Hope somebody can help ...I am creating a lot of coasters at present.





How do I turn the files I have into a playable DVD ??

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It's nice to see all the responses to the previous post. Not. I am having a similar problem. I can burn a data DVD, but, when I try to use 'video DVD' Iam told to re-auther. When I try to do that I am told I am missing files. I try to download the file the download stops at 22 secos and just sits there.

Now, when I burn on data DVD mode I can play on 2 of my DVD players, but, not the player I want to play it on.

How do I burn on Video DVD mode?

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Guest MichaelJee
It's nice to see all the responses to the previous post. Not...


Hi Bob,


It seem you have missed reading the stick thread at the top level of this section.


Note the section on the forum not being the core way to initiate a support ticket. If you need urgent support, create a ticket.


I’m currently talking to the developer about the preferred way to burn pre-authored discs.




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