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I get files from a client that are all dvf and msv files. I purchased Switch when we got this job (over a year ago), already having been very impressed by the products and the helpfulness of the forums. When this client geared up and started sending us more files, which is typical for them this time of year, I tried to convert using Switch as I always had. However, now that product tells me that I have to purchase Switch Plus to use that. Can someone explain why this is the case all of a sudden?


Also, I was first introduced to NCH via someone recommending Express Scribe to me. I love that product. That's how I came to purchase Switch. However, when I attempt to load dvf and msv files into ES, as I've always been able to do in the past, they do not load properly. This is causing a lot of headaches for me in managing the transcription business that I run. I hope someone has some answers or tips for me. Thanks very much!


Lorri Smith

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