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IVM don't work any more on testing


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Hello all,

even if red button is ON IVM is telling me :

14:17:02 Incoming SIP call

14:17:04 Ltest 102 [Not Answered, IVM answering mode is off]


but as i tell you, button to turn on or off answering mode is "on"... :(

i am on it since 2 days, and don't find any solution to resolve it...


what can do that ? could you help me ?


thanks a lot

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Are you by any chance using time conditions to direct calls? I believe if time conditions are on IVM says (or at least used to say) 'Not Answered, IVM answering mode is off' when in fact it was on. I found that it still answered the calls anyway despite the error as directed by the preset time conditions. I thought this 'bug' was fixed though in the most recent versions although don't quote me on that.

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