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Express Invoice Problems


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Express Invoice 2.01 on WIndows.


Has anyone been using this program for a long period of time without any problems because I have found a few problems

with it and dont want to carry on loading all my customers information into this program if it isnt going to prove to be reliable enough. I hope its just me

and not the program because i love this progrm, its really simple and clever. Ok heres the probs I have experienced.


1. When accessing over network it logs in fine but when you go to open a customers account the address is wrong. When checking it on the Host PC the address is correct so impossible to fix. Is this a bug??


2. Program starts to operate very slow and hangs all the time, then the network access feature dies and cant access the Host computer again. Uninstall program and reinstall again and everything works again. Is this a bug??


3. You write up an Invoice and save it and then check that customers records and it hasnt updated it and cant be found anywhere in the database at all.


4. When using Express Invoice on LInux, is there no network access feature in the LInux version? And it doesnt print?

However the Linux version is a lot more stable then the WIndows version from my experience so far which is only a couple of hours but then

I experienced all these problems.


Anyone can help me? Is it reliable enough to use for my business or will it die and I lose all my information? What problems have you experienced with it?


Oh, and 5. The windows version is missing the accounts report, but linux version has it?


Help, this software is so cool but I dunno if I can trust it for my business. Thanks for reading :o

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This seems to be related to using Invoice over a network connection. Ive passed on the info to the developer, he will check it out late October.

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Thanks but ONLY Question 1 is Network related. I have been testing this again all day and

only using one computer (the HOST) so not over a network at all and although its very clever software

it is unfortunately very unstable and you cant trust it at all. I have written 6 invoices to day and it only updated

2 of the customer accounts. The RECORD feature is very unreliable.

Yes dont get me wrong there is definitely issues with it over a Network definitely as right now I have tried to access it over the network and it now thinks there is absolutely nothing in the invoices or the customer accounts, everything is blank, all data is gone. To fix this you need to uninstall the program and reinstall and do a RESTORE of data, aghhhhhhh, to frustrting for me. Great idea and very clever but far from usable:( Thanks anyway :(

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