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Can I copy left channel info into right channel?

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My recordings are stereo with only the Left channel having music. (I am recording my drum machine.) I need to duplicate this Left channel information into the Right channel so that I end up with a mono recording happening in both speakers. How can I do this in WavePad?



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Just to be clear, one channel of my recordings is silent. I want to copy the other channel over, so that both channels have music in them.

Hukk Finn


Just to be clear; unless there is something that I do not know (which happens every once in a while), you will need to use a different audio editor to do this.


Sigh! So back to the Northland, Mr. Finn.


Have you thought about taking up skiing, instead of computers?




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Thanks very much for your reply.




Sorry about this add-on post, but I have changed my recommendation for your future course of action in this matter.


To wit: instead of retreating to the Northland to take up skiing, perhaps you should head south for a cruise down the Mississippi river with your friend Tom :-)




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