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Is there anybody out there?

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Has anybody got help from Prism with their faulty software? Yes I was dumb enough to purchase when I thought the 30 seconds of conversion was the real deal solution to my problem. But after coming this page, FAQ, and what this company calls a help manual I have not solved my problem which is converting a VBO file to WMU, mpeg, axi, etc for the entire length of my file. I don't have copyright issues with disks and my computer is runnning XP. A solution?, or should I drop another $30 for another software.

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vbo file? do you mean .vob?

where are you loading the file from. Save it somewhere local and try to load it from there


Otherwise if you mean .vbo Prism does not support it it we dont say it will


I mean vob, and i have loaded on my computer before trying to convert it. Still nada.

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where are the files from?

Go to Options -> Conversions and select "Use FFMPEG first". no guarentees but worth a try

No major improvements, file hangs after 30 seconds, but I did receive a measage saying to change the frame rate, how do you do that its not obvious from the program drop down menus or pop ups

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