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  1. Could the first one be the total duration including ringing, and the second just the actual call length?
  2. I'm trying to write a parser for Axon's log file (CSV). It looks like this: 2008-03-03,09:10:09,00:14,00:00,"106","sip:xxxxxxxxxx@" 2008-03-03,09:10:00,01:36,01:22,"106","sip:xxxxxxxxxx@" 2008-03-03,09:11:17,00:21,00:00,"106","sip:xxxxxxxxxxxxx@" 2008-03-03,09:11:30,00:20,00:00,"107","sip:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@" 2008-03-03,09:10:55,01:08,00:59,"105","sip:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@" So it's date, time, ???, ???, from, to. But what are the two middle fields? One has to be the duration, but what's the other one?
  3. I'm an idiot and the call problems were related to an incorrect outbound proxy. I still think there might be a problem with the STUN packets, though.
  4. I have an Axon 1.20 server, 5 expresstalk clients and an Intertex IX-67 SIP router. The IX-67 is totally SIP transparent and claims to be fully compatible. I am running the latest firmware for the router. We have never has any SIP issues with this router before, so I doubt the router is at fault here. Whenever I try to make a SIP call, the guy on the other side can't hear me, but I can hear them. The router SIP logs say: Recv 4 bytes from, socket 21 The received SIP Message is not as long as the Content-Length specified. Invalid data received at SIP port Parse error at '' in message from, at line: is my Axon server. Is this a bug in Axon? Line 2 in the error message would suggest something is wrong with the package headers? Edit: Upon further inspection this seems to have something to do with STUN keepalive packets. Are they malformed somehow?
  5. A call center uses SIP VoIP to call their customers and take inbound calls. Sometimes when clients agree to buy something the calls are recorded to make sure there is evidence of the order (With the customer's approval, of course), in case they later do not want to pay / claim they didn't order the product. This is more common than you would think. They are using Expresstalk to do these calls, and Logitech USB headsets. They need some way to play call recordings (from expresstalk, stored in .wav format) back to the customer on the phone as proof of purchase. I can't find a way to do this through expresstalk, but I've heard it's possible with other softphones. We have had great experiences with expresstalk and have a number of licences, so we would rather not have to switch. Is it possible to do it? Or does NCH have another software that can do it? If not, this would be a very, very good feature to have in a future version, because it is very important for a call center to be able to do this. Thanks in advance!
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