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    FXO GateWay

    Working........... Tanks I have upgrade the firmware and find out the right configuration. The manfuctre of the GW was a big help. There support knows these pbx and they helped out I'm using a claro GW by IPGEAR.net with 2 FXS and 2 FXO line on one FXO I have a PSTN line and on the other one I put a cellular line and the 2 FXS are a simple extention.
  2. shmuelie

    External line

    Is there a way to enter under "Incoming Calls Ring on Extension or Group" the option NONE I have Axon version 1.20. And on the Sipura manual they instruct to choose none under these filed but I can't find these option.
  3. I do not have the option "None" in the e "Incoming Calls Ring On Extension or Group" According to the manual I need to Set the "Incoming Calls Ring On Extension or Group" to None
  4. shmuelie


    Hi, Suffering from the same problem. Any solution?
  5. shmuelie

    FXO GateWay

    Hi, I have configurd an extrnal lie using FXO GW (IPGear Claro GW). When a I call to the PSTN line the IVM IVR is answering ask me to enter the ext' number that I want, after entering the ext number the ext ring (the ext is an ATA). but there is one way voice. They can hear me but I can not hear them. The GW an the Axon are on public IP the ext as private IP in the same LAN as the Axon (meaning the Axon and the ATA as the same public IP. IF the EXT' is a softphone then I have 2 way voice and everything is ok. Dose any one have an idiea what should I do.
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