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  1. I bought and installed the software suite. I am trying to start express ripper from START>all programs>NCH Software Suite>Express Ripper and I get a message "An install-on-demand component is required for this operation" (more text about file size and can be deleted if necessary) I click on the "install" box and get the error message "cannot install (burnsetup) ... because another program is running..." and the install quits. I repeated it with all programs closed according to task manager. Still the same error message. I tried starting from c:\programfiles\NCH swift sound\expressrip\expressripper.exe and it works OK. router login I have the same problem starting any of the other programs from the Start>all programs> NCH Software Suite> Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Whenever I do a modification of a song, even a small one that reduce the lengh of the song (eg I trim silence at the beginning and end, hence the overall song is say 10s shorter, no other modification), the file size doubles, for example from 3mb to 5mb. At the bottom of the soft, after a file is saved, there is a green mention about higher conversion rate. I don't think I had that originally. So my question : did I touch something or is this normal and com pulsary ? Is there a s etting I could modify (I looked but couldn't find anything) as I don't need extra sound quality whatsoever, I'm happy with the original quality of the song, I mam more into saving space on the hard drive. Thanks a lot for your help!
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