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  1. Pity there is no fix and I am pleased the issues are being resolved.
  2. I have a registered version of Dixillion. I have carefully followed the instructions given by DannR as I too have the problem stated by James Quinn. However to no avail. So after much time lost I still have the problem. As I experience it the problem is as follows: When I convert a pdf to docx the word file produced shows images that were in the original pdf file but no text areas in the original file are converted, the areas are present and blank. In fact where the text would be expected to be, there are just blank pages. Similarly when I convert an epub to docx the same thing occurs as described: the word file has the images in the original epub file present but none of the text. I have tried to convert to odt, rtf, txt and the outcome is the same. Has anyone had these problems and overcome them?
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