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  1. Videopad 32 bit is installed. Here you can watch a record of my comparison. The picture is a bit blurry because youtube converted my resolution from 1200p to 1080p. https://youtu.be/jOFq1xLUhjc
  2. But please, can you activate the use of hardware acceleration for Ryzen CPUs and H264? For comparison I tested the export of a 16 min video clip with VP and Movavi with nearly the same settings (H264, resolution, bitrate, constant fps). VP takes 01:50 and MV takes just only 48 seconds for that clip. MV uses all cpu threads at maximum possible clock rate. VP just use one thread and the CPU stays cool. I like the classic style and functions of VP, but I want to see my Ryzen CPU (5900X) working and I dont want to lose time unnecessarily.
  3. There is one thing about Subtitles that I find really "horrible". When you reduce the playback speed to hear single words better, you can't recognize the voice in VP any more. The voice is completely alienated. In happyscript or on youtube you can still recognize the voice.
  4. Thanks, I could correct some errors in my text. I had assumed that it must also work via VP + Windows speech recognition. For example, when I transcribe (Win+H), the speech recognition rate is really good. Therefore, I thought that I still have to set something correctly in Videopad and MS Speech recognizer. At happyscribe I ordered one hour, you have to pay for minutes. So the faster Alex is "gabbling" in her one minute clips the more text I get for the price
  5. Yes, I can set the bitrate with H265 in 10.87 too and the video plays smooth. I also signed up to the newsletter to get informed about new releases.
  6. Hi, I tried to use the auto generating option for subtitles, but it only generates "fantasy" texts. I installed the English US language pack in windows 10 and activated it in Videopad. I tried this for a video from Alex https://youtu.be/3gripTZdWeU Here you can see the fantasy text. https://bilderupload.org/image/7d6294505-videopad-autogen-subtitle.jpg Can anyone test, if a better text recognition is possible? Or is Alex just speaking too fast? English is not my native language and I have difficulties to understand her fast English. Subtitles are a help to me, but Alex doesn't have the time to include subtitles.
  7. Hi! Yes, I already use Min15fps - Max30fps or Min30fps - Max60fps because I get best result with this settings. But H265 is still not usable for me. When I set the bitrate High Quality the video only gets 2000 kbps. That is too little for good quality on pc (artifacts). And when I specify a manual value, I get the error message "could not initialize video output". H264 is still good enough. Yesterday I recorded some clips with my Pocket 2 I could export some clips just with a bitrate of 1500 kbps (480p) for sharing in media channel. I have to keep in mind, that many user watch the channels with their smartphone with lower bandwidth. If stutters occur there, it is not quite as bad.
  8. I ve still got an old laptop with windows 7 and I could see the slight jitter too. Strangely my shots there are rotated by 180 °. Today I had my first walk with a DJI Pocket 2, quality much better (bitrate almost doubled at the same resolution and fps compared to my smartphone). But I see some jitters too, when exported with videopad, but not with handbrake. Therefore, I would like to make a suggestion. What about another option for the frame rate? "Just same as source & variable fps" A few weeks ago, when I wasn't doing any video editing, someone with more experience recommended that I should use this exact setting. Like in videopad you can enter a value or you just pick "same as source" https://bilderupload.org/image/e22c25456-same-as-source.jpg
  9. It seems to be a system-specific problem, so you have little chance of tracing the problem. The problem will probably resolve itself one day with a reinstallation of Windows and more up-to-date drivers. And I m thinking of buying a better video source anyway like DJI Pocket 2 or so.
  10. Which media player do you use? I use the standard windows media player and see the same stutters near position 00:24-00:26, 00:36-00:38, 00:49 in your exported video file, and a lot more with VLC Plus player. But in windows media player it isn't always the same position (+/- x seconds). And when I press the video scrollbar 5 seconds back at a stutter position to check if it reproduces the stutter, it is gone for this position! Strange, a buffer problem? A few minutes ago amd release the 21.9.2 driver, but no improvement. I also still get the error "Could not initialize video output" when using H265 and manual set for the video bitrate.
  11. Then it can only be related to a system driver (system is uptodate). Well, nothing can be done. Thanks for the testing!
  12. Hello, I made a clean install of 10.86, but I still get the error message, when setting a manual bitrate at H265. High quality setting is too low (<1000kbps). https://bilderupload.org/image/a4e806498-videopad-v1086-problems1.png Here are too simple files of the project, recorded with Smartphone Galaxy Xcover Pro (1980x1080@30.01fps). Two Files Preferred settings for the project is 1280x720 and max 5000 kbps. I also tried custom fps of constant 30.01 fps My pc specs are CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X GPU: RX 6700 XT 12 GB RAM: 32 GB Corsair Space: > 350 GB free on a second SSD -0- When I convert one the files with handbrake with same/equal settings (Preset Vimeo/Youtube 720p30) I dont get additional stutters. The process is much faster and the CPU has a better workload even with H264! This raises the question of whether Videopad's export function could be optimized after all. https://bilderupload.org/image/ac0015642-videopad-handbrake-compar.png
  13. I've reinstalled the older version 10.64, because the H265 codec is ruined in 10.86. When you chose the preset setting for high or low quality the bitrate of an exported video is much too low (< 1000 kbps). You see ugly artifacts even in high quality. And if you try to set the bitrate manually you get an error message after pressing the button export "Failed: Could not initialize video output". Then I just noticed now that videopad brings stutters into an exported video where no stutters exists in the original source, even if you choose the same frame rate (H264 & H265).
  14. Hello, There was actually a new version. I've replaced the german version 10.64 by the english version 10.86. Yes, I've a licence for Videopad and other tools. With the new version the cpu usage is even lower with same export settings. https://bilderupload.org/image/604642211-videopad-lower-cpu-usage.png You can also see in the picture that the working temperature of the cpu is lower. But the duration of the export process doesnt seem to be longer. I'm confused 🙂 When I started the newer version and loaded an existing project into workspace, Videopad used all cpu threads. It maybe recreated all cache files. https://bilderupload.org/image/543843250-videopad-high-cpu-usage-l.png
  15. Hello, I was wondering if this the maximum performance I get can with an Ryzen 9 5900x for exporting an video. In the linked picture you can see, that the exporting process is using just a few cpu threads. Is this normal? https://bilderupload.org/image/026633202-videopad-low-cpu-usage.png The mp4 encoder settings are for this project are: video H264/3000 kbps/Auto audo AAC/like input/192 kbps Is there a way to speed up the export by using all threads?
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