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  1. I thought I sent my reply to this question but it didnt send by the looks of it. I was asking where the old install file and registration info so I could save them before I reinstall.
  2. I have place on sequence at cursor as my default and it still happens.
  3. I'm trying to make a video and everytime I add a photo, it will move it from the track I want it on to the top track and if I lock the top track, it will just make a new track instead. It's infuriating to relocate every photo I put onto the timeline because there's no way to stop the program from moving it to the wrong spot. I have tried all the setting available in the media section of the options and I still have the issue. Is there a way to stop this or should I just move to a different editing program because I'm frankly not putting up with this every time I want to work on a video.
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