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  1. Simple question but, after a search on NCH, their forums, Bing and Google, I can't determine if (DeskFX's description) " ... to modify and enhance the music and audio played through your speakers and headphones ..." means any audio coming out of the speakers, all the time or just from specified sources. My desire is to equalize ALL AUDIO coming from my speakers, regardless of the source (IE- from remote meetings, phone call via computer, streaming service, file, live news cast, etc. Is this possible? I downloaded the free version of DeskFX to try it out but hear no change in the audio out (from an online internet news source). I am not sure DeskFX is capable of this as I see that "High Pass Preset" is enabled but I see "Waiting for a stream to start". I'm happy to pay for a subscription if I can get this feature. Any help is appreciated.
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